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   Polyurethane condoms are good for people who are allergic to latex condoms. You can also used oil based lubricants with polyurethane condoms. These condoms are the latest break through in condom technology and are thinner than latex condoms so they feel a bit more natural. While they have a longer shelf life than other condoms, research shows that they have a slightly higher chance of breakage and slippage than latex condoms. They also cost about twice as much and don't come prelubricated. Check out our price comparison and condom review below...

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The Trojan Supra is the latest break-through in condom technology. Made from polyurethane, instead of latex, the Supra is thinner, stronger, more heat sensitive, and smoother than traditional condoms. Because it's not latex the Supra can be used with oil-based lubricants and by people with latex allergies. Try one today!

Length: 200mm (7.87 in)
Width: 57mm (2.25 in)
Thickness: .04mm (.0015 in)
3 pack - $5.25
6 pack - $8.41

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3 pack - $5.50
6 pack - $8.25
12 pack - $15.00
24 pack - $31.00
36 pack - $47.00

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3 pack - $5.99
6 pack - $9.99

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