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Birth Control Links

  1. AnnRose's Ultimate Birth Control Links - Links to family planning choices including abstinence, condoms, diaphragm, hormonal implants, injections, IUD, tubal sterilization, the Pill, emergency contraception, vasectomy and how to choose.
  2. Birth Control / Family Planning - The Health Connection, Calgary Regional Health Authority. Birth control information, condoms and diaphragms, I.U.D, tubal ligation, vasectomy.
  3. Birth Control Board at iVillage - Online discussions of birth control for women.
  4. Birth Control Methods - Information to help decide which type of contraception is best for you and your partner. Includes descriptions of different methods and personal anecdotes. From King County, Washington, Health Department.
  5. - Online sales of conventional and innovative birth control technologies, including contraceptive sponges, a birth control computer, new diaphragms and cervical caps, the 24-hour contraceptive gel, unusual condoms, and a product that uses saliva to monitor reproductive cycles.
  6. Calgary Birth Control Association - CBCA offers non-judgmental support and information to help you make confident, well-informed decisions. Pregnancy options - abortion, adoption, parenting, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), sexual orientation.
  7. Choosing a Birth Control Method - Interactive online questionnaire, supported by extensive information about contraceptive methods, guides women or men through the decision process. From Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.
  8. Convenience Stores - Offers flavored, textured or plain condoms from New Zealand.
  9. Cool Condoms - Customize condoms for any occasion.
  10. - Discussed contraceptive choices, benefits and risks of birth control pill and possible connections between birth control and breast cancer.
  11. Epigee Birth Control Guide - A comprehensive guide to birth control, responsible sex, and reproductive health. Discusses use, failure rates, and FAQs for all methods, and provides instructions for condom use and NFP charting. Reviews STD's and Safer Sex.
  12. Essure: Permanent Birth Control by Conceptus - Information about permanent birth control accomplished with micro-inserts placed in the fallopian tubes, offered as an alternative to tubal ligation. Advantages, disadvantages, effectiveness, and other information for doctors and patients.
  13. Female Condom - Information on use of this method with intercourse and oral sex, including advantages and disadvantages.
  14. Get the Pill - Provides online prescriptions for emergency contraception including "the morning after pill" and birth control pills.
  15. Medical Diary - Birth Control - Summary of Birth Control options.
  16. Methods of Birth Control - Up-to-date and accurate source of information about current birth control methods and options. Questions to ask when deciding which form of contraception to use.
  17. Ortho Women's Health - Pharmaceutical manufacturer provides information for women on birth control and the different contraceptive methods that are available.
  18. Quinacrine Sterilization - Non-Surgical Birth Control for Women - Quinacrine Sterilization is a non-surgical birth control for women. QS is a new outpatient procedure for female sterilization and birth control.
  19. SoYouWanna pick a method of birth control? - Review of primary methods of birth control.
  20. Various Methods of Birth Control - A personally maintained site that explores virtually all methods of contraception and their pros and cons. Includes reports of personal experiences.
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