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   Lambskin condoms are great, especially if you are allergic to latex condoms, but they don't protect against STDs. Lambskin condoms are made from animal membrane, which freaks some people out, but actually makes a pretty nice condom. Other people prefer the animal skin because they like the idea that it is natural. Check out our price comparison and condom reviews below...

Lambskin Condoms Undercover Condoms Condomania

The NaturaLamb is the only non-rubber condom on the market. Made from Animal Membrane the NaturaLamb is perfect for those with latex allergies and for those using condoms to prevent pregnancy. The NaturaLamb does not protect against STD's. Comes lubricated to reduce friction.

Length: 200mm (7.87 in)
Width: 68mm (2.68 in)
Thickness: .08mm (.003in)
3 pack - $9.99
12 pack - $29.99

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3 pack - $9.25
12 pack - $29.95

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3 pack - $9.99
12 pack - $36.99

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