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Buying Condoms

   Buying condoms needn't be a big production these days... If you can't handle going into the drugstore to get them, why not buy online? C'mon everyone's doing it...

   Did you know that you will actually save money if you buy condoms online? The way it works you see is, there is no overhead like in a retail store, and you have a much better selection - that means they've got every type of condom you could imagine from glow in the dark to female condoms, trojan condoms to flavored and much much more! What's more, a lot of these companies will allow you to purchase in bulk in case you have a big weekend planned.

You mean I can get a 100 condoms and no dirty looks?
Where do I sign up?

   You can take our word for it when it comes to buying condoms online, these are the guys to do it from... we should know, we have personally ordered items from the vendors below! Remember there is more than one condom maker in the world, so try some of the others til you find the brand that you trust the most.
Obviously you can trust Amazon, but less discreet than other sites.

This place is home to the world's first sized to fit condoms, they were also the first online condom store. Your package will arrive in a brown box and is very discreet.

Undercover Condoms
Very discreet shipping. They ship orders under their legal company name "PCPD, LLC." Undercover Condoms is also certified by trustE and Hacker-Safe.

Real Condom Reviews for Real Condom Users

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