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1.Durex Enhanced Pleasure
2.Contempo Bareback
3.Trojan Extra Strength
4.Kimono Micro Thin
5.Beyond Seven Studded

Jimmy, glove, franger, party hat, protection, raincoat, rubber, sheath, skins - to think there are so many names for one simple thing - condoms.

You know you need to use them, that's a given. But as you can imagine, for something with as many slang names, you can also count on there being millions of different types out there...

For most people, the last thing you want to do is market research or be seen standing there in the drugstore in front of a huge row of condoms. As if choosing a brand wasn't hard enough, now you are expected to decided between lubricated and non-lubricated, ribbed or not!

So we've made it easy for you and taken the hard task upon ourselves to bring you the best when it comes to condoms. It's a rough life, but someone had to do it! Hey, it's all in the name of love isn't it?

And since we've reviewed condoms from all ends of the earth, we can help you when it comes to buying condoms, choosing between brands like Trojan and Lifestyles, or deciphering between lubricated, polyurethane or any other condom type out there...

What are you waiting for? If you wanna get some tonight, you better make sure you are prepared...
Real Condom Reviews for Real Condom Users

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