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Women's Health Links
  1. The Anatomy of the Clitoris - "Study Claims Clitoris larger Than Thought," a medical article by Althaea Yronwode, from the February 11, 1999, issue of Synapse, the campus newspaper of the University of California at San Francisco Medical School.
  2. The Center for Sexual Awakening - Dr. Erica Goodstone. Sex counseling, sex therapy and body psychotherapy can help solve marriage and relationship problems as well as sexual dysfunctions. Services, articles, and poems.
  3. Doctora Maria - Bilingual Spanish/English website by Dr. Maria Yepiz has information to improve your sex life, your relationships, family problems and other information to help your health and the health of your dear ones.
  4. - Everything you need to know about G-spot stimulation and female ejaculation. Site sells an e-book and offers a free newsletter.
  5. FemaleLife - Everything you ever wanted to know about your sexuality, contraception and how to take good care of your body from your first period until your family is complete .
  6. The Gräfenberg Spot - A paper on the existence, location, and significance of the Gräfenberg spot (G-spot) in sexual function, with relevant links.
  7. Lady Bliss - Dedicated to women's health in all its forms, but the content is primarily focused on women's sexual health. Essays written by health professionals, plus sexual health products for sale online.
  8. Lilith - The woman friendly adult site for exploring your sexuality.
  9. Sexual Health Information from WebMD - A consumer health site for sexual health.
  10. Sexuality Education - A Woman's Guide to Sexuality - A basic guide to understanding sexuality.
  11. Sexuality Resources for Mothers - Author and psychiatrist Dr. Valerie Davis Raskin's home page on sexuality issues for moms, including libido and mothering, tips for passionate parents, and steps mothers can take to restore intimacy.
  12. Shine SA - Improving sexual health and celebrating sexuality. Site contains an up-to-date database or articles.

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