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Men's Health Links

  1. Average Penis Size Chart - Provides statistical charts purportedly comparing average on penis length and girth, by age and ethnic group.
  2. BBC Health: Men's Health - Part of the BBC Health site offering information, advice and help on areas concerning men's health.
  3. European Men's Health Forum - Run by a voluntary organization; providing news, information and international contacts concerning men's health policy across Europe. Multiligual site.
  4. Health of Men - All about men's health. Information on smoking, diet, exercise, sexual health, relationships, mental health and who to talk to and when.
  5. Men's Health Week - Featuring information about activities surrounding National Men's Health Week.
  6. Penis Owners Manual - An informative and amusing guide for the operation of the male sexual machine.
  7. Pill For Men - The future site of the contraceptive pill for men. Pill For Men.Com should be the world's premier supplier of this product. Chat room and message board.
  8. Sex Education for Men - Articles on the anatomy and the sensuality of the male. Includes answers to questions men most frequently ask.
  9. True Male Multiorgasmic Response - The Study - Natural male multiple orgasms documented for first time in this Rutgers University research study.
  10. Understanding Male Sexuality - A long and detailed essay on all aspects of male sexuality.
  11. World Congress on Men's Health - WCMH provides information and exchange of experiences regarding men's health issues among researchers and practicing physicians, with the aim of increasing awareness of sex- and gender-specific medicine.

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